Help us Go Green

Hi I am Neville, the Great Crested Newt. I live here at The Open University. My job is to make you aware of how we can all help the environment and also help us save money doing this.

About the OU Go Green Campaign

Go Green is a University-wide programme that will reduce the Open University’s impact on the environment. Go Green will achieve environmental and financial savings across the University by engaging and empowering staff to take action on energy, waste, water and travel.

The University is committed to reduce its Carbon emissions by 36% by 2020.

We need Financial Sustainability with regards to curbing the increase in in the amount we spend on energy, due to increases in both usage and energy prices – The OU spent more than £2.6million last year.

The OU has a comprehensive Carbon Management Plan, and as part of this we have committed to reduce our Carbon emissions by 36% by 2020. The Go Green programme aims to contribute a 5% reduction year on year to this target over the next few years.

We are undertaking this initiative not only to save money, but because it is a great opportunity to improve The Open University’s reputation.

A lot of the courses that we run focus on, or include, sustainability at their heart, and our academic community is at the forefront of research in this area. So it is vital for the OU’s reputation to not only practice what we teach, but for us to become a model of environmental best practice for other institutions to follow.

In conjunction with external partners Global Action Plan and ZapCarbon, we are implementing a programme to engage staff and create positive change within the University.

This is a collective effort; only by everyone getting involved will we make the biggest difference!

To support the programme throughout the University we have recruited a team of Go Green Coordinators; these are your colleagues who have a passion for environmental issues and for creating change. We are always looking for more coordinators, so if you would like to get more involved then you can find out how to do so via the link below.

The aim is for the Go Green programme to become an integral part of staff behaviours in the future to enable the university to manage its energy needs and energy costs. This is a collective effort; it is only by everyone pitching in and working together that we will achieve the greatest levels of success.

Have a question or need help?

Ralph Lachmann,
National Projects Manager,
Estates Ext. 53413
Mike Sackett,
Energy Manager,
Estates Ext. 58865
Liaison Line 01908 653286