What Can I Do?

Becomea Go Green Coordinator and encourage your colleagues to help the University reduce its energy use and carbon footprint.

Join inthe campaigns which will be run by the Go Green Team and your Go Green Coordinator.

Let us knowof your ideas by emailing the Go Green Team at estates-liaison@open.ac.uk

Every Little Helps, so continue to switch off your lights,PCs and other equipment when it isn't being used.

Go Green Coordinator

Join the team to support your colleagues in making a difference.

Go Green Coordinators main focus is:

  • To promote and encourage energy awareness amongst colleagues in the workplace and to provide a local source for guidance and information on local energy saving initiatives
  • To liaise and network with the Go Green Team and other Go Green Coordinators on energy issues
  • To be the local key contact for energy-related issues within a particular building, office, workshop, laboratory, etc and provide first-line advice to colleagues

Go Green Coordinators are:

Role Models...To be actively conscious of the office energy environment and its impacts. To undertake low carbon initiatives within the department such as recycling, switching off lights, printers and monitors at the end of the day.

Educators...A more direct approach to behaviour change, to raise awareness about environmental issues amongst colleagues cascading information to colleagues reminding them to think and act more sustainably in their day-to-day work.

Facilitators...Acting as an advocate for green issues in the department, being the main point of contact for colleagues who have ideas and then passing these onto the Go Green Team .

Coordinators...Relaying environmental targets to colleagues and finding ways to achieve these within their department via behaviour change.

Providing feedback to the Go Green Team and other Go Green Coordinators on our achievements.